Totally dedicated to our dogs - Lagotto Romagnolo


For about 35 years there has always been one or more dogs in our home. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Riesenschnauzer, Boxer and now - and we strongly believe that this breed will stay with us for the rest of our lifes - Lagotto Romagnolo.

When we had Wheaten, hobbies like shows and agility were on the top of the list. With the Gigant Schnauzers the main hobby was obedience and competitions. The Boxer was only our well trained home-dog.

From the very first time we saw a lagotto we were totally sold to this lovely breed. Our first lagotto Helisalon Fernando, called Nano, got pretty soon new "brothers and sisters". Our dogs are bred by  lot of love and they are living with us and following every step we take.

As we decided to buy a house with a great area for the dogs, in the very country-side in Malax, we left the town Vasa for good. Now we are all enjoying this life.